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CE Standard Portable Clean Room Clean Booth

Short Description:

Clean booth is a kind of customized clean equipment used to provide local high-cleanliness air environment, which compromised of top FFUs, surrounding partition and metal frame. Internal air cleanliness even can achieve class 100, especially suitable for the workshop with high cleanliness requirement.

Air Cleanliness: ISO 5/6/7/8(Optional)

Air Velocity: 0.45 m/s±20%

Surrounding Partition: PVC cloth/acrylic glass(Optional)

Aluminum Profile/stainless steel/powder coated steel plate(Optional)

Control Method: touch screen control panel

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Description

softwall clean room
clean booth

Clean booth is a kind of simple dust free clean room which can be set up easily and have different clean level and customized size required according to design requirement. It has flexible structure and short construction period, easy to prefabricate, assemble and use. It can be used in general clean room but have local high clean level environment to reduce cost. With bigger effective space compared to clean bench; With lower cost, fast construction and less floor height requirement compared to dust free clean room. Even it can be portable with bottom universal wheel. Ultra-thin FFU is specially designed, efficient and low noise. On the one hand, make sure enough height of static pressure box for FFU. Meanwhile, decrease its external height and increase its internal height at the maximum level to make sure work staff without sense of oppression.

Technical Data Sheet





External Dimension(W*D*H)(mm)




Internal Dimension(W*D*H)(mm)








Air Cleanliness

ISO 5/6/7/8(Optional)

Air Velocity(m/s)


Surrounding Partition

PVC Cloth/Acrylic Glass(Optional)

Support Rack

Aluminum Profile/Stainless Steel/Powder Coated Steel Plate(Optional)

Control Method

Touch Screen Control Panel

Power Supply

AC220/110V, single phase, 50/60Hz(Optional)

Remark: all kinds of clean room products can be customized as actual requirement.

Product Features

Modular and frame structure design, easy to assemble;
Secondary disassembly available, high repeated value in use;
FFU quantity adjustable, meet with different clean level requirement;
Efficient fan and long service life HEPA filter.


Widely used in pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic industry, precision machinery, etc

mobile clean room
ffu clean room

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